Nursery Manager: Mrs Michelle Hannaford

Early Year Practitioner: Mrs Angie Goodwin

Early Years Practitioner: Mrs Liz Smith


Welcome to our Nursery.

Our vision

Within Early Years, our vision is to ensure that children in our care are not only happy and safe but fully engaged. We will be able to measure the levels of engagement through the Ferre Leavevers, level of involvement scale. We want to provide the children with resources and an enriching environment that will allow them to show high levels of engagement. We know that a child is showing this by concentrating, being creative, having energy and being persistent in what they are doing. If children are showing all four signs of involvement within their play, we know that they are the most engaged they can be and therefore will be able to learn and can be taught their individual next step, in order to progress them on within their learning.

'In the Moment' Planning

In our Early Years unit we are beginning to implement a new approach called 'In the moment planning'. Out approach is about letting the children take control of their learning, allowing them to decided what they would like to play with, taking, if necessary, and making decision for themselves.  This means that the role of the practitioner is to facilitate according to the children's interests and to teach them within the moment, not as a focused task group during play. This means that the practitioners interactions with the children are vital, to ensure that they can make progress in their own unique way. Practitioners will need to communicate effectively so that all children understand what has been said, model certain situations, scenarios and language, demonstrate how things work and the rules of the classroom, explain and show why and how things happen, set challenges, question the children on what they know, explore ideas within them and encourage children to try their best, take risks and do things for themselves.