Teacher - Miss A. Fisher and Mrs Godfrey

Teaching Assistant - Mrs C Owens Mornings   


Welcome to the Kingfisher Class!

The Kingfisher Class is a mixed class of students from Year 1 & Year 2 known as Key Stage 1. As Year 1 & 2 children are in the same class their work is carefully differentiated to allow for differences in age, experience and ability.



Reading - Please find time for you to read with your child every morning or evening.   Reading is essential to your child's development.  Please ensure you record in your child's reading record book every time you listen to them read.  They will earn house points for every time they read at home.  These will be counted up and recorded in their reading record book each week by Mrs Owens.


Your child will have two reading books each week to keep them busy with and these will be changed once a week if it is evident in their reading record that they have been reading the books with family at home.   Please be aware that in school we do not listen to your child read these books.  These are purely for reading development at home. 

In school every week your child will be listened to read in a guided reading group.  The groups are made up of children with a similar reading ability.  During this session the children will enjoy a text together as a group lead by the teacher.  The children will hold discussions, answer questions, make predictions and carry out drama based activities based on the text. On most occasions these guided reading books will also come home in your child's book bag meaning they will have a total of 3 reading books to share with you at home.  Please ensure these books are looked after and returned to your child's bag as soon as your reading session is finished to prevent them getting lost at home.  You will know which is the guided reading book as it will have been written into your child's reading record book and clearly marked as guided reading.



Topic Work

Occasionally I will be sending home extra homework linked to our topic.  The instructions for this homework will be sent via email to you personally.